Sorry, having too much fun on YouTube Channel: Blasts From the Saddle

CRF250L EngineWhen I created this blog I wanted to share everything about my return to motorcycling, and I did for a while — then YouTube happened for me — and I became a motovlogger.

My intent was to have some fun shooting videos to share here on ScootToots. But I got carried away. What can I say? I began to forget about writing for this blog, and that’s a bit strange because I really enjoy writing.

But I’m back writing for ScootToots again and I’m glad about that. I have tons to share with you since my last post. So much to catch up on. Here’s a brief list:

  • Further mods to Clyde, my CRF250L
  • Modifying the stock CRF250L exhaust
  • Switching to the Acerbis aftermarket tank
  • Installing the Yoshimura RS4 Comp Series Full System exhaust
  • Tips on removing and installing the Arrestor or volume insert in the RS4 muffler
  • How to reduce the decibels of the Yoshi RS4 while increasing the low to mid range power
  • How to adjust the Dobeck EJK fuel controller to maximum advantage
  • My favorite rides in the beautiful country I live in, with photos and video of course
  • My purchase of a 1984 vintage 650 cc motorcycle. I’ll be customizing this bike and detailing the process here on ScootToots

So there you have it. That’s why I have been absent, and that’s why I want to return. Oh, and before I forget… here’s my YouTube Channel: Blasts From the Saddle. I hope you enjoy the videos. We’ll talk soon 😉