Customizing a Vintage Motorcycle: cleaning and sealing rusted gas tanks

POR15 Motorcycle Tank Sealer CleanerAfter checking compression and all the basics, my first major task on the GR650 was to clean and seal its badly rusted gas tank. The tank was solid and had no perforations or weak areas, but the insides were thick with rust.

I decided on the POR15 product. My background is in the industrial paint field, and the chemistry of this product made good sense to me, so after much research POR15 won out over the others. There are no shortcuts to proper procedure. It is vital that you follow correct preparation and application. My method went something like this: Continue reading

Customizing a Vintage Motorcycle: How to Begin

1984 Suzuki GR650I’ve had this long standing dream of customizing a vintage motorcycle. Buy an old bike, take it apart, and put it back together in another form. Would I be up to the task though? I’ve done some stuff; I’ve rebuilt carbs and starter motors, modded exhausts/intakes, tweaked fueling and general tuning, but I am no mechanic. I want that clearly understood. I am inexperienced in much of the work involved in customizing a vintage ride. Maybe you are in a similar place? But hey, I figure, why not? What we don’t know we can learn as we go, right?

The first step is the biggest so if you haven’t already done it, go buy that vintage bike you’ve been wanting. Just do it! The rest will follow. Continue reading

Sorry, having too much fun on YouTube Channel: Blasts From the Saddle

CRF250L EngineWhen I created this blog I wanted to share everything about my return to motorcycling, and I did for a while — then YouTube happened for me — and I became a motovlogger.

My intent was to have some fun shooting videos to share here on ScootToots. But I got carried away. What can I say? I began to forget about writing for this blog, and that’s a bit strange because I really enjoy writing.

But I’m back writing for ScootToots again and I’m glad about that. I have tons to share with you since my last post. So much to catch up on. Here’s a brief list:

  • Further mods to Clyde, my CRF250L
  • Modifying the stock CRF250L exhaust
  • Switching to the Acerbis aftermarket tank
  • Installing the Yoshimura RS4 Comp Series Full System exhaust
  • Tips on removing and installing the Arrestor or volume insert in the RS4 muffler
  • How to reduce the decibels of the Yoshi RS4 while increasing the low to mid range power
  • How to adjust the Dobeck EJK fuel controller to maximum advantage
  • My favorite rides in the beautiful country I live in, with photos and video of course
  • My purchase of a 1984 vintage 650 cc motorcycle. I’ll be customizing this bike and detailing the process here on ScootToots

So there you have it. That’s why I have been absent, and that’s why I want to return. Oh, and before I forget… here’s my YouTube Channel: Blasts From the Saddle. I hope you enjoy the videos. We’ll talk soon 😉


Rookie Ride in the Hills and Lessons Learned

Riding Chute Lake routeMy sense of adventure has little respect for my lack of dirt-riding and trail-riding skills. So when I decided to further explore a route I had previously turned back on, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The terrain was just too much for me the first time I tried riding it. Fear of the unknown and lack of experience, I guess. The route snakes up steeply, and depending on recent weather, surface conditions can be intimidating. But I had begun it at least, and I was determined to finish it another day. Continue reading

Two CRF250L’s on a Dirt Riding Learning Curve

Terrace Mountain on motorcycleRiding my CRF250L on dirt, into the wilderness, is pure joy.

It’s also a learning curve, steep enough to command respect for the point where my riding skills and the terrain intersect.

Zero; that’s how much riding on dirt roads and trails I had done when I decided to purchase my little red honda dual sport. But when I actually had the bike in my hands, the snow at higher elevations stopped me cold before I could ride any distance on the Forest Service Roads. It was frustrating, but it was also instructive. It taught me to know when to turn around. Continue reading

Honda CRF250L Review at 4500 KM’s

CRF250L review at 4500 KM'sI now have over 4500 KM’s on my CRF250L. This is the third in an ongoing commentary on the little red Honda 250L.

I don’t have a ton of experience with dual sport motorcycles, so I’m just sayin’ straight up from a learner’s perspective, how this little dirt and city/highway commuter has performed for me. Maybe you’ll relate to this. Maybe not.

Riding this bike has been a barrel of fun for me. I live in British Columbia, Canada, in a city of about 120,000 people. The population doubles in the summer with tourist traffic; the price of beauty! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else though. It’s the perfect place to ride a motorcycle, and the CRF250L is an ideal bike in an area like this. We have high grassy areas overlooking deep blue lakes, lush forests and mountains, and bare bones desert areas. Cutting through all of this are thousands of trails and FSR’s deep into the wilderness. Continue reading