Scoot Toots, Motorcycles, and Me

Scoot Toots JohnAfter years of living under the tyranny of self-imposed obligations and expectations, I decided to lighten up and have some fun. I ordered a shiny new Honda CRF250L dual-sport motorcycle. It arrived in February 2013 on Valentines day. A valentines gift to myself. Pretty appropriate I think!

I am a 60’s guy, meaning that I am in my 60’s and was definitely into the 60’s, riding again after a long absence. My motorcycle licence expired decades ago, but my desire to ride remained alive and well.

So here I was with my brand new motorcycle, a boat-load of enthusiasm — and no licence. Fast-forward to what you will find on Scoot Toots:

  • Retraining myself to ride
  • Thoughts about life and motorcycles
  • My impressions of the CRF250L
  • Day trips into the local mountains
  • Modifications, accessories, and mechanical stuff
  • Scooting around town
  • Road trip tales

As Scoot Toots develops, expect lots of photos and videos of rides in the mountains, show nā€™ tell, modifications and mechanical stuff (within my humble limitations), and just generally to share the fun I am having riding in this awesome environment.

I live in Kelowna British Columbia Canada ā€” and it is wicked beautiful here. Apart from being a retired writer-type guy from the 60’s riding a dual-sport bike, I am also an artist. And so my little Honda (aka: Clyde) takes me to all the beautiful and high places where I can paint, go hiking and take photos, or just be inspired and reflect on life. So I want to share all of this with you in hopes that you will connect with it somehow, in your own way.

Feel free to get in touch anytime. I’m always here unless I’m not — in which case I am out riding!