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Modified Honda CRF250L

My Modified CRF250L

So here’s the deal: combine some of the most awesome riding routes in the world with a small dual sport motorcycle, in the hands of a resurrected rider from the 60’s… and what do you get?

I haven’t a clue! And that’s really the whole point of the site. I just want to document and share my thoughts and experiences as they happen, without knowing what’s coming next.

When you leave motorcycling for as long as I did, you really have to begin again from scratch. My mind remembers how to ride well, but my body has long since ditched the muscle memory that made the magic happen.

Scoot Toots then, is my personal “blast from the saddle;” an ongoing account of learning and rediscovering the joys and skills of motorcycling.

My current bike is the dual sport Honda CRF250L pictured to the right. I really dislike being hemmed in by paved roads, and so this bike suits me perfectly. It takes me high into the back-country, where adventure knows best how to find me.

I love learning and exploring new ground. I hope you will make it a conversation by sharing your thoughts and stories in the comments.

Stuff to do on Scoot Toots

  • Check out the latest posts by clicking the “Blog” link in the main menu. Scoot Toots is a brand new site as of March 2013. More content will be added weekly
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  • As the season progresses, I will add videos to the mix. Stay tuned for that. It will be a learning experience for me, and maybe a laugh for you, depending on how well I do 🙂